About Clif Taylor

Clif Taylor is an author and publisher of Connected Spirit Publications based in Houston, Texas. His first adult nonfiction book, Connect, was published in 2006, followed by its sequel, Connections in 2018.  In 2010, Snowflake, an illustrated children’s book was published and was followed by Awakenings, also published by Connected Spirit Publications, in 2011.

Taylor has written and published a number of short stories including 2012’s Climbing Kilimanjaro, a story about Taylor’s journey to Africa to scale the impressive peak. He has also worked as a radio host, using his life experiences to frame enlightening discussions about God, country, and family life.

Connected Spirit Publications has a number of books and short stories available in eBook, and PDF formats authored by Clif Taylor and other talented Connected Spirit Publication writers.

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Clear Calm & Open ℠

While this isn’t a book, Clear Calm and Open ℠ is a fundamental premise for not only embracing  Connect and Connections,  but it’s also a pathway to achieving ultimate mindfulness. Available to everyone, once embraced, Clear Calm and Open ℠ becomes the springboard for reaching the highest levels of clarity, serenity, and awakenings.