Clear Calm & Open ™Hi Everybody! Thanks for tuning into the Clear Calm & Open ℠ channel – your personal pathway for streaming the clarity, serenity, and awakening that is available to each one of us – including You!

What is Clear Calm & Open ℠?

Clear Calm & Open ℠ is a healing technique that supports all forms of mind, body, and spirit training and practices – including yoga, meditation, and prayer. As the basis for achieving Connections, Clear Calm & Open ℠ enhances the physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual effects realized through all types of mind-body-spirit activities, exercises, and practices.

Clear Calm & Open ℠ training and education is available to all who wish to pursue it through the following methods and platforms:

Clear Calm & Open ℠ Webinars

Clear Calm & Open ℠ Instruction Manual (available in pdf format)

Clear Calm & Open ℠ podcasts and videos

Clear Calm & Open ℠ personal training sessions with Clif Taylor

Clear Calm & Open ℠ Applications  

In addition to being a “channel” designed to connect individuals with themselves and each other  – on earth and in heaven – Clear Calm & Open ℠ is a  physical experience.

It’s a state of being, a point of arrival as well as a departure for seeing, feeling, and being one with yourself and the heaven that surrounds us.

It’s also an activity. It’s when prayer and yoga merge with meditation. As you reach each level – one at a time or simultaneously – you’ll experience the transformative effects that being Clear Calm & Open ℠ has on you in the moment – and in each moment going forward.

In full effect, practicing and reaching Clear Calm & Open ℠ is the “launchpad” for making earthly and heavenly “Connections” and for living mindfully in the moment. [Learn more about Connections by reading about the book on this site.]

This “channel” is dedicated to presenting and guiding you through the purpose and process for achieving Clear Calm & Open ℠ so that, upon experiencing it, you’ll share it with others. Not directly through your words, but through your reflection.