Correlating the Christian Soul and Connections’ Soul    

Christianity Soul - Clif TaylorAs emphasized in the previous article that correlated Christianity’s God and Heaven with Connections’ God and Heaven, this article is presented on the assumption that there is universal agreement that every type of belief system, faith or religion incorporates the concept of the “soul”. While accepted, applied or practiced differently, their purposes intersect beautifully.

Those scholars who are experts in the study of comparative religions have made and shared fascinating discoveries. One of which is that from antiquity through today, all types of belief systems reach out to or reference a higher power embrace the premise that a human’s essence is beyond his or her physical form.

And, once again, even though an in-depth survey of all types of religions and belief systems would be compelling, this basic discussion is focused exclusively on the correlation between Christianity’s Biblical “soul” and Connections’ soul.

Please keep in mind, this discussion is not designed or intended to convert you or corrupt your beliefs or faith. In this case, it should not even be an issue. The concept of the soul is arguably the most universally uncontested aspect of ALL religions, faiths, and belief systems.

So, correlating the Christian notion of the soul with Connections’ notion of the soul will hopefully be easier to accept.  And just might turn out to be a friendly point of entry into exploring a Connections-based life.

All this is good news for Clif Taylor’s ultimate objective; namely, to stimulate your willingness to consider that Connections complements your current religious or faith-based beliefs without prompting conflict or requiring compromise.

What is the contemporary Christian view of the soul?

From its earliest days, the founding Christian philosophers accepted the Greek notion that God created the soul to be immortal and  – upon conception – injected it into the human body.  While too academic and complicated for this purpose, it is sufficient to note that modern Christianity commonly accepts that the soul lives on after the body expires.

This is based upon the two “forms” of realities that the Christian Bible teaches – the reality that isn’t seen; the spiritual, immaterial realm where God exists and the physical, tangible reality in which we interact through our physical senses each moment of our waking lives.

Because the soul exists (either independently or in conjunction with the body), each of us are “living souls”. When our bodies die, our souls do not; they “transcend” to God’s spiritual realm.

Here is a quick, once again simplistic, summary of Christianity’s basic concept of the soul:

It is immortal;

It is “infused” into each life upon conception;

It lives on after the physical body has “expired” and when this occurs, the soul exits the physical realm and becomes a part of the spiritual realm where God resides.

How does Connections view the soul?

Now, take a moment to learn how Clif Taylor describes the soul from the Connections perspective.

The soul is a physical-spiritual matter that comes from Heaven and is absorbed by the physical body at conception. It leaves the body at physical death. It is “Connected” at the super-conscious level to Heaven and God at all times.

When a person reaches “Heaven on Earth consciousness”, his or her soul shares the knowledge (information, insight, wisdom) that the person is capable of understanding at a conscious level. This enriches a person’s life and creates greater love.

Let’s dissect this.

Basically, the Connections message (as presented to and transcribed by Clif from Heaven) pertaining to the soul is in complete agreement with Christianity’s message pertaining to the soul. The only difference is that Connections takes it one step further – the physical body and the soul can also co-exist with Heaven (i.e., God’s realm) while co-existing on Earth. That’s what is meant by “Heaven on Earth” consciousness.

In other words, the physical body does not have to die in order for its soul to travel to the “other realm”, i.e., the dimension called Heaven. This can occur – with “permission” from the physical body while it is still quite alive in the Earthly realm.

The Connections message is meant to inspire you to let your soul do what it is willing, able, and designed to do – take “brief trips” to Heaven on your behalf while you are still living in the physical realm.

From that perspective, it is Clif Tayor’s desire that Connections will no longer be perceived as threatening, destructive, or contrary to Christian beliefs.

Clif Taylor, through his Connections messaging, is simply sharing with you a method for enriching your life with knowledge, assurance, love, and, perhaps most relevantly, spiritual reunions with loved ones who have passed on and whose souls are now residing in Heaven – and within your reach.  You need only clear your mind, calm your body and open your soul to the possibility…then, ask.