Correlating the Different Types of Connections with Coincidence, Dreams, and Visions  

Correlating Free Will Intentions - Clif TaylorOne morning Clif Taylor, author of Connections and Connect, woke up with what could be called a “clear channel”. This means he awoke being naturally Clear, Calm, and Open – nothing was distracting him; his mind was void of all thoughts about the day before or the day about to begin.

At that moment, he saw his son John in a parking lot saying, “Thank you, pop!”

Clif was working in Angola, Africa at the time so morning to Clif was nighttime to John in the states. That evening, Clif called John and asked him if he had intentionally sent him a Connections message “yesterday morning” that he wanted him to hear.

John said, “No, not intentionally” but he went on to tell Clif that at that exact time, he was in a college parking lot walking to class feeling very grateful for the things Clif had done for him.

In 2005, Clif was visiting his dad who was lying in a hospital bed, recovering from surgery. In an instant, Clif saw a holographic image of the face of his dad’s mother – his grandmother – who had passed away forty years earlier.  She was at the side of his Clif’s dads’ (her son’s) bed, looking at him. No one else in the room saw her.

Both of those events were types of Connections. And, we’ve all had one – in some form or another.  Even if we call it something else.  Not convinced yet?  Then consider this.

Unintentional Connections

Have you ever been wrestling with a problem and then – out of the blue – during the day or while sleeping at night, the solution just comes to you?

Have you ever been thinking about someone and within a few minutes they call or text you?

Or, have you ever sworn that you saw the image, heard the voice, or felt the touch of a loved one who has passed away?

Of course you have!

In Clif’s view, which is essentially the Connections perspective, these are unintentional interactions with Heaven; interactions that allow you to see, feel, know, and hear Heaven. They’re unintentional because they happen without any conscious effort.  And, they happen every day and night to people from all walks of life.  Sometimes these experiences are shared with others, and sometimes they are dismissed almost as quickly as they occur as “coincidence”, flukes, or really strange moments.

Soulfully, intuitively, and emotionally we all have more of these experiences than we realize. But, without conscious awareness and effort, they never make it past our subconscious to our physical consciousness.

Semi-Connections as Dreams and Visions

Regardless of how they’re experienced or how they’re interpreted, unintentional Connections – and  “semi-Connections” – are the most common, frequent type of Connection. These Connections come to you, most commonly when you’re sleeping, in the form of dreams, but not always.

Clif’s Connection with his son John was a semi-Connection; while there was no intention on Clif or John’s part, Clif had allowed himself to be in a state of Clear, Calm, and Open as he woke up that morning.  This enabled him to receive John’s feelings and thoughts even though they were continents away from one another.

For about ten years, before he developed the steps in the Connections process and learned how to apply them, Clif Taylor had semi-Connections that mostly occurred in dreams, although sometimes, as in the case of seeing his grandmother in his dad’s hospital room, they came as visions during the day that registered consciously.

As Clif became more accustomed to these occurrences, he discovered that he was able to somewhat manage those that happened at night. Before he went to sleep, he would say words to the effect of “I Connect and hope this will help me tonight to have some Connections.”  He is certain that this is how his nighttime semi-Connections came in clearer and more direct. And he assures you the same can be true for you.

Try it the next time you have one of those uncanny unintentional interactions mentioned earlier. In the midst of it, or right after it, instead of brushing it off, capture it.  Hang onto every detail and take it with you when you go to sleep that night.

Then, as you’re drifting off to sleep, clear your mind, calm your body, and open your soul. That strange encounter or feeling you had during the day just might resurface in more vivid depth and detail while you’re sleeping.  Maybe it will be “just a dream”, or maybe it will be a Connection.

Full Connections

Semi-Connections come to you; “full Connections” are pursued by you.

And while everyone has had unintended semi-Connections, Clif had most of his while trying to initiate full Connections.  Clif’s semi-Connections showed him that even though he absolutely brought everything he could to prompting Connection experiences, he was only halfway there; not quite able to attain an intended Connection.

But, eventually, he got the hang of it.

In Clif’s experience, when he first made it “to the other side”, he became so ecstatic, he couldn’t really contain himself. His excitement caused him to end the Connection before he wanted to. Anyone who has knowingly had an unintended, semi-Connection can relate to that.

But, once Clif became more accustomed to being in a Connection with Heaven, he realized how important it was to gather himself. Eventually, he learned to calm down enough to be present in just that moment; the clearer, calmer, and more open he became, the longer he was able to stay in the Connection.

If you’re intrigued and would like to give it a go, do what Clif did.

Practically all of his Connection conversations began with him asking a question directly to someone in Heaven. Very seldom did anyone except his family and friends already in Heaven start a conversation. The more he was able to hear them, the more his family and friends in Heaven would say “Hey” to start a “conversation” with him.

Basically, if you’re willing to entertain the notion that one or some of the odd “spiritual” interactions or experiences you’ve had are more than coincidence, dreams, or “flukes”, you can be on your way to actually influencing and managing how and when they occur and how long they last.  In effect, you can transform unintentional semi-Connections into full Connections.

Just remember, a full Connection, which usually occurs when you are consciously awake, is when you are trying to create a Connection by first becoming Clear, Calm, and Open then going through the steps of the process presented in Chapter 6 of Connections. While those steps won’t be outlined here, once you are willing to consider the correlations between many of your “strange” life experiences and Connection experiences, you may be motivated to read and learn more about them.