Correlating Connections with Intelligence, the Universe, and Energy

Correlating Intelligence - Clif Taylor, AuthorHeaven, from the Connections viewpoint, is essentially the dimension where energies flow.  Making a Connection offers you access to the flow of particular energy – the soul of a loved one who has passed or other Heavenly beings who are involved in your well-being such as masters and prophets.

In addition to these Heavenly beings, Connections can also be created with Heavenly Energies and Libraries. Basically, Energies refer to channels of energy like love, fear, and wisdom, whereas Heaven’s libraries are what they sound like – a place where there are records – on anything and everything – available to us to read, understand, and comprehend.

Is there such a thing as the Universe of Knowledge?

Before discounting this aspect of Connections and Heaven as being too “far-fetched”, keep in mind that the notion of “Heavenly” records that contain all knowledge, wisdom, and documentation of all events that have and have not yet occurred, is not new. This concept has been a part of many diverse ancient cultures and religions as well as contemporary belief systems and modern physics.

The Akashic Records

One example is the Akashic records, which have been identified as something “only a clairvoyant could read” or accessible only to certain people capable of “freeing their brains from the constraints of reality”.  From the Sanskrit word associated with  “space” or “sky”, Akasha refers to a realm of emptiness that everything else (all matter – tangible and intangible)  fills and is “recorded”.

While vastly over-simplified for this discussion, here is a brief, generalized sampling of how various philosophers, clairvoyants, theologians, and yes, even physicists, have defined, described, and “validated” the Akashic records:

a collection of all past, present, and future human emotions, words, thoughts, and intentions

the storage facility for information pertaining to every person who has ever lived on Earth

a register of all earthly experiences

the source for many of famous physic Edgar Cayce’s incredible insights

the universe’s supercomputer

mystical knowledge encoded in the etheric plane – a non-physical plane of existence

intelligence as a life-form that exists in a non-physical reality

While this may be a lot to take in, the notion that there is a spiritual (non-physical) source for intelligence is not any more difficult to process than the notion that there is a spiritual, non-physical source for serenity, love, and joy.

Like intelligence, these three “gifts” can’t be manufactured or purchased anywhere on this planet. These emotions are felt, received, experienced within us and exude from us  – and many of us believe they are triggered by a force outside of ourselves.

It’s kind of interesting to think about, isn’t’ it?

Clif Taylor thinks so and encourages you to pause and consider that maybe, just maybe, there is a step by step process for embarking on a clear pathway that can lead you to experience the dimension that hovers all around us . . .  the dimension that holds answers, solutions, processes, action plans, and assistance in reaching out to who or what you feel your life is missing, needs, or would benefit from accessing.

Curious?  Then clear your mind, calm your body, and open your soul to the infinite possibilities.