Correlating Connections with déjà vu and Near-death Experiences

Deja Vu - Clif Taylor, Author of ConnectionsIt has been reported that approximately two-thirds of all “healthy” people have experienced déjà vu.  Taken further, who hasn’t?

Every one of us – at some point during some random moment – has felt like we’ve “been here before”.  When the sensation is happening, we try to capture it, to extend it, and to clarify it . . . but we never do.  It’s just a feeling that fades as quickly as it appeared.  But, it is undeniable.

What is a déjà vu?

Science has taken a few different approaches to explain déjà vu – from associating it with anxiety, schizophrenia, and epilepsy (in its “pathological form”), to genetics, reactions to over-the-counter flu medications, and a fluke of memory (in its non-pathological form).  And then, of course, the easiest way to explain it away is to assume we dreamt it before. But none of these explanations are confirmed or concrete. In any case, with its literal translation being “already seen”, it’s a rare person these days who won’t admit to having had at least one déjà vu.

Clif Taylor, author of Connections, touches upon déjà vu by suggesting that it’s an aspect of our ability to consciously or unconsciously access the future. How we access the future is based upon our choices – which leads us back to making Connections – consciously and unconsciously.  Remember, a Connection is an “interaction” with Heaven – all of Heaven – the souls and energies that have graced our lives on Earth and that are now a part of another dimension, i.e., “Heaven”.

When we choose to make a conscious (or intended) Connection, we’re allowing our “super conscious soul” to travel beyond the here and now and experience some form of communication or engagement with a person or entity in Heaven.  But again, that’s when we choose (intend) to make a Connection.

What about unintended Connections?

Like déjà vu, we all make unintended Connections – those that happen unconsciously; when someone or something from Heaven gets through to us without any effort on our part. Easiest to explain as a “vision” or sensation, an unintended Connection, like a déjà vu, lasts for a brief intangible moment.  And when it happens, oftentimes we aren’t even aware of it.

But, later – it could be days, months, or even years later – we are consciously in that exact moment again, feeling the same or very similar type of sensation or interaction.  All we know is that it’s very, very familiar  . . . as if that moment – or flash of a moment –  happened before. And usually we pause, shake our heads, and try to capture the familiarity more vividly.

According to Clif Taylor and his Connections messaging, when déjà vu happens, we actually have “been there before”. And while, conventionally, this experience is called déjà vu, unconventionally (for the time being anyway) it’s called reliving a previous spontaneous (or untended) Connection.

The Connection-déjà vu connection

“We all have the ability to access the future,” Taylor says. “When you experience a future event through an unintended Connection, you store it unconsciously. But, once that event (even if it’s just a flash of a moment) actually occurs in the present day, it comes out of ‘storage’ and you recall it consciously.”  From this perspective, it’s an experience of the super conscious soul.

Those who are living a Connections-based life, have more déjà vu experiences.  It’s not that they’re having more déjà vu  than anyone else, it’s that they have greater awareness of the moments they’re experiencing in real time that they’ve already experienced during a past Connection.  For those people, a déjà vu isn’t unsettling. On the contrary, it’s fulfilling, which generally prompts them to continue pursuing Connections and striving to master the process and manage the outcomes.

And what about Near-death Experiences? 

Unlike déjà vu, far less than 2/3 of all healthy people have experienced (or reported experiencing) a near-death experience (NDE), yet NDEs have become commonly accepted in recent years. Today, people are much more comfortable openly sharing an NDE than ever before. This is largely due to the dramatic increase in books, talk shows, podcasts, TV shows, and movies that spotlight NDEs and profile those who are eager to publically share their experiences with curious, interested, diverse audiences.

Clif Taylor considers the mainstreaming of NDEs a good thing.  When he first coined Connections as “NDEs without the ND”, Taylor’s message was resonating with a much smaller audience. But today, correlating near-death experiences with Connections has become a much more effective way to stimulate awareness of making Connections, sharing the Connection experience, and stimulating others to embrace the concept and activity.

It’s been reported that 95% of all world cultures are known to acknowledge NDEs, and they are remarkably similar in their definitions.  Generally, an NDE is described as a personal sensation of impending death or death itself. It’s an experience during which the body seems detached and sensations range from security, warmth, and serenity to levitation, love, and pure liberation. And light is always present.  An accepted part of many religious and transcendental beliefs, NDEs are as intriguing as they are inspiring.

Once again, Clif Taylor finds this encouraging.  Like an NDE, Connections can prompt all of the same sensory experiences, but unlike an NDE a Connection can be initiated practically on demand and directed toward a desired outcome.

In other words, an NDE requires a person to be “near death”, typically as the result of an unforeseen, unintentional, or unfortunate tragic situation.  A Connection requires only that a person has a Clear mind, a Calm body, and an Open soul. And, it’s best to also have a deliberate intention for making a Connection, but that’s a topic for another day.

Simply put, wouldn’t it be sensational to have a complete “out of body experience” that triggered an all-enveloping sense of peace, well-being, painlessness, joy, love, and even communion with a loved one who has passed away?   Especially if that experience stayed with you after it was over, and left you with greater compassion, higher self-esteem, and a greater appreciation for life . . .  just to name a few after effects reported by those who experienced an NDE as well as those who have made Connections.

This kind of “out of body experience” is available to each one of us. And, Clif Taylor, through his Connections messaging, has cleared the pathway for us to learn how.