Correlating Connections with Genius

Correlating genius with Connections - Clif TaylorThose who are initially drawn to Connections are typically most attracted to the notions of:

  • interacting with a loved one who has passed
  • experiencing a higher consciousness that stimulates the feeling of being detached from the body, and at total peace – during the Connection and after it’s over
  • gaining knowledge, wisdom, or guidance

All of these are good reasons and viable outcomes for making Connections.

Let’s think about the first one – actually communicating with a loved one who has passed. While there is no instant cure for grief, it can certainly be mitigated when the grieving person senses the presence of the loved one who has passed. Imagine how it would be to resume a relationship with the person, even if it is entirely spiritual (non-physical) in nature.

As Clif Taylor reveals in his book, Connections, establishing a rapport and re-establishing a relationship with a dearly missed loved one is a primary outcome of a focused, intentioned Connection.

Regarding the spiritual journey making a Connection offers, let’s face it, there aren’t many of us out here who wouldn’t prefer to live a purposeful life at peace with ourselves and all that’s around us; to live being one in the moment, able to calmly respond to life’s events rather than chaotically react to them.   Being centered and grounded is also a byproduct of a Connections-based life and an objective well worth pursuing.

But, at a higher level, Connections offers access to much more, if you have the patience, intention, and discipline to strive for it. As a quick review, Connection – the word, concept or activity – refers to communicating – visually, verbally, audibly, or intuitively – with Heaven; either collectively with all who are in Heaven, or individually, with a specific person who has died and is now in Heaven.

Intelligence, Guidance, and Wisdom – The Connections Perspective 

Of Clif Taylor’s many intentions for offering the book, Connections, one of them is to make it clear that the barriers we put up inside ourselves prevent Heaven’s signal from reaching us consciously. Making a Connection requires being Clear, Calm, and Open so we become able to remove these barriers and create a clear and open channel with Heaven.  And, once that occurs, this channel is infinite.   It leads not only to souls but also to what Clif Taylor refers to as “Libraries” and “Energies” through which all knowledge, wisdom, and intelligence is accessible.

While Clif Taylor is not claiming that making Connections will make you brilliant, or that anyone who embraces a Connections-based life will become a genius, when it comes to accessing intelligence and knowledge, similarities between process and outcomes – throughout history and science – is worth noting.

Da Vinci, Newton, Mozart, and Einstein – geniuses or masters of Connections?

Today, we consider a genius anyone whose extraordinary intelligence brings forth new discoveries, inventions, or applications in one or many fields, disciplines, or realms of knowledge.  It is inarguable that each one of these men qualifies.

And while a person’s extraordinary level of understanding, creativity, or accomplishments have always been the determinants in whether or not that person was considered a “genius”, in ancient Rome, the word genius wasn’t used to describe the person. It described the activity of “bringing something into being” or “to produce”.

Over time, the definition also addressed the divine characteristics of tremendously accomplished, creative, innovative or knowledgeable individuals and considered them as having “more powerful guiding spirits” and “more expansive souls”.

This explanation suggests that a genius is one who is more receptive and responsive to “divine/spiritual messaging” and whose soul (not brain) is more open to absorbing inspiration, information, knowledge, even wisdom. It also gives rise to the notion that maybe – in addition to their five senses – Da Vinci, Newton, Mozart, and Einstein (and countless others) had a very acute “6th sense” that enabled them to receive and absorb knowledge from a more ethereal source.

This takes us back to Clear, Calm, and Open.

When your mind is clear, and your body is calm, you are open to receive incoming messages that are more spiritual (non-physical) through your senses and your intuition. When your soul is open, i.e., when it “expands”, it becomes more available to interpret, accept, and embrace the message being offered to you.

Isn’t it interesting to at least consider that all those bona fide “geniuses” (throughout history to today) were/are exceptionally clearer, calmer, and more open to what’s available to them – either through their intuition or their physical senses?

Think about it for a minute – have you ever had something – an answer, an idea, an inspiration, or a plan of action – just “come to you”? Of course, you have – we all have!

When that happens, who or what do you credit with providing you with that answer, idea, inspiration, or plan of action? Those who credit God are certainly in line with the possibilities presented in this discussion.  Those who are making Connections, regardless of their faith or religion, also credit God . . . and Heaven . . . and the remarkable experiences and outcomes of pursuing a Connections-based life.