Correlating the Notion of Heaven and the Pathway to Heaven 

Correlating Heaven - Clif TaylorHeaven . . .  the promised land . . . nirvana . . . Arcadia . . . Canaan . . . Shangri-La . . . immortality. Whatever word is chosen, they all share a similar meaning – the glorious destination where we aspire to go after our time on Earth has ended.  Or, put another way, depending on a person ’s faith, religion, or belief system, Heaven is the place where souls transcend to upon death.

Of course, this is where the similarities between the various notions of heaven end and their nuanced differences begin.

For instance, consistent with the conventional view of most Near Eastern cultures, the Hebrew Bible has heaven being inaccessible to humans with the exception of some prophets who are granted very restricted access. They don’t really see or learn about Heaven, they just get to experience it in the context of how God deliberates over earthly issues.

What are Christianity’s views of heaven and how do we get there? 

Historically, Christianity has offered variations of the definition and description of heaven. One of which is that heaven is a state of existence that “houses” those who have passed on to the afterlife.

Earlier Christianity held that heaven is where the “holy angels” and the throne of God are located.   A later Christian view expanded upon that so that any soul could gain access to heaven but not just by dying.  Heaven became “open” to the righteous, those who lived a “Godly” life of doing good deeds for oneself and all others.  In other words, this Christian view of the pathway to heaven is to live a good life – one of virtue and unfaltering faith – in thought and deed.

Let’s circle back a bit and take a look at heaven being a “state of existence”.  Once you do that, how much of a stretch is it to consider that this state of existence doesn’t necessarily involve dying? Isn’t it possible that this “state” is also accessible while we’re alive on Earth?

In Clif Taylor’s view – based upon his Connections over the past 20 years – heaven is where he’s been, and what he’s seen, heard, and felt during his Connection experiences.   At first, he also understood it to be a “place”. As time went on, however, he came to recognize it as a dimension that is everywhere, including here on Earth.

This is perhaps the point of greatest departure between correlating Connections with most other religions, faiths, and belief systems, in particular, Christianity.

What’s the difference between Christianity’s view of Heaven and Connections’ view of Heaven?

Heaven is at the center of Connections. It’s “where” your questions, requests, communications and “your superconscious soul” travels to when you pray, meditate, reach Clear, Calm, and Open and/or make a Connection.  It’s where all energies reside and it’s also where the souls of all who have passed through this life on Earth can be accessed – regardless of how they conducted their lives on Earth.

Now, this might sound pretty good to the “unrighteous” – but it’s not quite that black and white.

Love (which Clif Taylor interchanges with God) is at the core of everything in this life on Earth and the “afterlife”.  As Clif touches upon in his book Connections, if there is no love in your heart, your soul, or your perspective, Heaven will not be as fully accessible to you – here on Earth or after you pass away.

While far too complicated to dissect in this discussion, suffice it to say that yes – a good, righteous life driven by love and prayers, questions, and requests laced with love play a vital part in your ability to make Connections and fully experience Heaven – while you’re alive and after you have passed away.

From this view, it’s easy to consider that living a Connections-based life does not contradict a living a Christian life.  Both require love for oneself as well as for others. Goodness springs from the positive energy that authentic love transmits. And, as it turns out, “goodness” in this context, is the ticket for entry into Heaven.

Regarding the notion and pathway to Heaven, the only difference  –  without being a contradiction – between Connections’ Heaven and traditional religions’ and faith-based belief systems’ is that Heaven is only accessible in the “afterlife”.

Connections blur that distinction by showing that Heaven is a “state of existence”; a dimension that is available to experience while you are fully alive on Earth. You need only Clear your mind, Calm your body, and Open your soul. Then, with love in your heart, ask a question or reach out to a loved one you’re missing.