Correlating Meditation with Clear 

Correlating Meditation, Yoga and Prayer “Clear your mind in order to quiet your mind.” is commonly said by those who have chosen to devote their lives to mental clarity and higher consciousness. But, mental clarity – clearing your mind and keeping it clear – doesn’t happen automatically. First, as stressed previously, you much choose to quiet (i.e., “clear”) your mind.

A clear mind stays clear when it is in total honesty and is most effective when it is at peace.  So how do you reconcile being truly honest with yourself while staying at peace?  To start, you must sit still and take an honest inventory.

Being able to do this requires being able to heighten your awareness of the “damage” that still lives inside you that’s been prompted by circumstances, other people, or yourself.  Once you’ve achieved this level of self-awareness, in addition to the many positive, healthy, liberating feelings you’ll have, you’ll also be able to face your negative, distractive thoughts; those feelings and emotions that prevent you from feeling at peace with yourself and your life.

Quieting your mind, clearing your mind, allowing yourself to achieve a higher level of consciousness will lead you to Clear, and they’re also another way of presenting the practice and power of meditation.

What is meditation and what does meditation do for people?  

Meditation has many definitions, implications, and applications. But, in its simplest form, mediation is being completely at peace while also being objectively aware of yourself and your state of being. Basically, it can be considered mindfulness at its highest, most ethereal level.

Anyone can meditate – anywhere, anytime.  It is not just for Buddhists, monks, or yogis. Basically, meditation is the state that occurs when Clear meets Calm. It’s reached when the mind is freed of all distracting thoughts, the senses have blocked all incoming disruptive signals such as noise or light, and the body is stilled by measured deep breathing.

A meditative state, whereby one is able to transcend Earth’s physical limitations and forces, is often referred to as “higher consciousness” or “cosmic consciousness”.  In this discussion, it’s called one step away from making Heavenly Connections.

If you currently meditate – or are practicing meditation to any degree – why have you chosen to include it in your life? What is your desire? Chances are your objectives are the same as Clif Taylor’s objectives when he gets himself to Clear – to be at peace, to feel unrestricted and undistracted from the disruptions of everyday life; to become one with himself and the universe.  And, as his ultimate goal, to be one step closer to making a Connection with someone in Heaven.

Correlating Yoga with Calm

As mentioned previously, regular physical exercise can naturally lead you to Calm. Another pathway to Calm is through Yoga, which is a highly beneficial form of physical, mental and spiritual exercise.

What is  Yoga?   

Yoga, a Sanskrit word, means “union”, in particular, the union of matter (the body) and the spirit. Sound familiar?

While there are many different types of yoga, this discussion will use Hatha yoga is the example of how closely correlated yoga is to Calm, and to the practice and process of making a Connection.

Based upon controlling the physical body, Hatha yoga’s ultimate objective is to open the physical body to the “energy of the cosmos” through breathing and physical exercises.

When this is accomplished, the vibrations of matter (distractions) are controlled and you become positioned to prompt changes in your consciousness. Basically, an intention of Hatha yoga is to advance consciousness from the physical to mental to the spiritual – making the physical body an “instrument” for the spirit. The physical health and well-being of the body is a natural by-product of practicing Hatha yoga; the ultimate goal is to manifest your true inner spiritual self through your feelings, thoughts, and actions.  Sound familiar?

Anyone who practices any type of yoga and is capable of achieving this level of physical and spiritual consciousness is only a question, message or request away from experiencing a Connection. And, it’s very likely that they are doing so every day, they just don’t call it the same thing Clif Taylor does.

Correlating Prayer with Open   

One way that prayer could be described is a conversation between your soul and your God. Your soul is not unlike your ears. If your soul – your inner essence, your “spirit” – is not open to receiving and absorbing the “energies” of life – here on Earth and in Heaven – you are missing out – not only on good advice and guidance, but on the boundless love, joy, peace, and wisdom that is available to you from others on Earth as well as those in Heaven.

Perhaps you’ve heard of “soul work” – it’s discussed, pursued, and approached in many ways. But, it’s most commonly defined as reuniting with your authentic self – your true nature, the self that you were before all of life’s elements and events shaped, altered, conditioned, restricted or suppressed you.  Soul work can also be a term for describing how to get to Open.

For some, simply making the choice to be Open will be enough to become Open. But those who are that fortunate didn’t just wake up one day and choose to be Open.  They have very likely been practicing their faith or other spiritual belief systems for a long time.  In short, they are familiar with the power of prayer  – not only for affecting the outcomes they desire – but also for the peaceful overtone regular prayer adds to their lives.

Being Open is the ultimate stage of prayer – it’s when you see, hear, or sense a heavenly presence.

If you pray, or if you have ever prayed, what was your state of mind when you began?

Why did you pray?

How did you feel while you were praying?

How did you feel after you prayed?

If you are able to reflect and honestly answer even one of these questions, you were in some stage of being Clear, Calm and especially Open while you prayed. When you pray, you’re initiating an open-ended conversation with a higher power.

The key word is Open – you are sending out a message and awaiting a response. This is exactly what happens when a Connection is initiated  – you are sending out a message, a question, or a request to a higher power with the intention of engaging with that higher power.


Just like meditation (Clear), if you practice yoga, you will also achieve inner peace while physically exercising your body (Calm). And, when you’re at the height of meditation and yoga,  if you engage in prayer in this process (Open), the inner peace you’re feeling will allow you to receive the guidance, solace, advice, outcome or wisdom you may be seeking.

As Clif Taylor spells out in his book, Connections, all you need to do is ask.