Is praying to Heaven any different than Connecting with Heaven?

Correlating Prayer and Connections Everyone prays. In one way or another, at some point in life, everyone says, thinks, or feels something to the effect of “I’m praying that happens” or “I’m going to pray on this.”

When you think about it, prayer and the act of praying is almost instinctive. It’s a universal activity that everyone engages in, yet it’s as diverse as it is singular.

For example, regardless of its purpose or intent, prayer can be ritualistic, involving a structured sequence of actions in a group setting in a formal place of worship. Or, prayer can be spontaneous – conducted individually, privately, anytime, anywhere.  But, regardless of the method, prayer is intentional communication directed to an “audience in Heaven” that is not conventionally present.

Generally, when a person is in a “prayer mode”, he or she is either giving thanks or praise or is seeking inner peace, wisdom, guidance, or some type of answer or outcome from a “higher power”, a deity, or a religious/belief system icon – all of which “reside” in Heaven.

In even more general terms regarding Christian prayer, when a Christian prays, he or she is praying to God or – depending on the denomination – Mary, Jesus, a Saint, or a loved one who has passed.  Once again, all of whom “reside” in Heaven. The prayer can be in the form of a hymn, an incantation, formal recitation of structured sentences or the person’s own words.

Christian Meditation

Mediation is closely related to praying and they share many of the same religious/spiritual characteristics. Christian mediation, in particular, is an intentional, structured effort to connect with God. Designed to heighten a person’s relationship with God, Christian meditation is a method for achieving communion with God.

If you recall, a previous article correlated meditation, yoga, and prayer with Clear, Calm, and Open – the personal foundation for making Connections. Isn’t it interesting the way that two of these activities – prayer and meditation – show up once again? This time it’s to show the correlation between praying to Heaven and Connecting with Heaven.

Connecting and Praying      

In his book Connections, Clif Taylor explains that making a Connection with Heaven, i.e., communication (or communion) with something or someone not of this Earth, can be done one of two ways – through reciting specific statements (“structured sentences”) called “Passages” (see Chapter  6)  or by simply asking Heaven a question.  In either case, the one prerequisite is to have a Clear mind, a Calm body, and an Open soul.

Praying: When you’re engaged in a prayer, you are very likely clear (in your intent), calm (in your focus) and open to receive any message or sign that your prayer is being “heard”.   Once you’re in this state, you are either giving thanks or praise or seeking some type of outcome – from serenity to a solution to a problem.

Connecting: When you’re making a Connection, you are Clear, Calm, and Open and you’re either sending love to someone or something (giving praise or thanks) or you are asking a specific question to a specific person (soul, entity) in Heaven. As an aside, Clif Taylor began his Connections-based life by asking Heaven countless questions; the answers he received from Heaven became the content of two of his published books – Connect (2006; 2010) and Connections (2018).

As explained in Connections, if there is any difference between a complete Connection and an answered prayer, it is that a question is answered with the same energy level in which it is asked; a prayer’s response is laced with love.

In other words, if your prayer or question is based in love, it will be returned with love. If you ask a question void of emotion, your reply is also without emotion. For example, making Connections allows you to seek knowledge and information . . . about anything you desire. So, if you make a Connection in order to get clarification on a complex scientific theory, Heaven’s response will be straight forward information with no emotion associated with that information.  In both cases, whether it’s a prayer or a question, the response or answer you get comes from Heaven.

Basically, reaching out to Heaven, a “higher power” or a spiritual deity to commune or communicate is widely adopted, accepted and practiced worldwide. When you look at it this way, making – or trying to make – Connections doesn’t seem so unusual, does it?

This question is especially hard to deny when you recognize that incorporating Connections into your life doesn’t require you to stop praying in church or at home, nor does it require you to dismiss any of your closely held faith-based beliefs.

Essentially, making Connections provides your prayer with a more direct channel for sending a more specific message or asking a very specific question that you really would like answered.  In this light, it is easy to accept that the two – praying and making Connections – are not mutually exclusive.

Like religion and science, the two can co-exist and actually complement each other. When you correlate and embrace both, you’re moving toward creating a much fuller life view and experience.