Correlating Connections with Spiritually Transformative Experiences

Spiritually Transformative Experience - Clif Taylor, ConnectionsHave you ever had an experience that literally transformed your view of yourself or the world around you? An experience that made you see, feel, and believe in something bigger than yourself?

Did it last for just a moment?

Or, did it stay with you long afterward?

Perhaps it’s still with you and shows up in how your beliefs or behavior has been altered for the better?  Maybe you even catch yourself thinking back on how you used to be and recognizing how “off course” you were in the way you interpreted or reacted to certain things.

This happens every day to people. Some capture it and consider it a life-changing moment and are eager to share it with anyone who will listen. Some casually absorb it without much reflection although they don’t deny how their view of the world or themselves has shifted.  And others shrug it off as a “weird” moment or feeling and carry on as usual.

Generally described as “seeing the light”, “being born again”, being saved”, becoming enlightened, having an epiphany, or feeling “one with God”, these experiences are commonly acknowledged and sought after by people of all religions, cultures, ages, and ethnicities, and have been so for thousands of years.

Sometimes, they’re triggered by one monumental event; among these singular events are:

  • The death of a child or any loved one, including a pet
  • Childbirth
  • Witnessing or being victimized by a natural disaster or traumatic experience
  • NDEs (near-death experiences)
  • Contact (in a variety of ways) with a loved one who has passed
  • An out of body experience (OBD)

But, more often, an experience that shifts and shapes you into a higher level of consciousness is the result of many smaller, subtle experiences gently nudging you in that direction.  Among those are:

  • The calming, centering effects of meditation and yoga
  • Becoming overwhelmed by the beauty of nature (a gorgeous sunset or sunrise, a waterfall, a full moon)
  • Exposure to enlightenment, religious, and spiritual teachings and literature
  • Encouragement, care, and support from nurturing parents, mentors, or friends
  • Making Connections (more on that below)

These events are called Spiritually Transformative Experiences [STEs] and there are worldwide communities formed and forming based upon these transcendent events that – for many – demystify and enhance their life experience.

Not surprisingly, STEs are mainstreaming at almost the same pace as near-death experiences [NDEs] – which (not coincidentally) as mentioned above, can also be an STE-trigger event.

Naturally, Clif Taylor, author of Connections, finds this encouraging. From the Connections viewpoint, STEs share many of the characteristics of a Connection and all things related to making Connections.

Let’s take a look at each one of the STE triggers listed above. Notice how they’re related to Connections – in both method and outcome.

Yoga and Meditation – If you recall, practicing yoga and meditation is aligned with the process of seeking and making a Connection. Once again, Clear, Calm, and Open enters the discussion. When you Clear your mind, Calm your body, and Open your soul many, many physical and spiritual things occur – from deep relaxation and inner peace to making a Connection.

Eventually, if you routinely practice yoga or mediation, at some point, you will reach a higher level of consciousness and calmness that will stay with you for a long period of time – maybe forever – after the yoga or meditation “session” is over.

The same holds true with a Connection.  A Connection is an “interaction” with a spiritual entity (someone who has passed away, a soul, an energy). When you have a “full Connection”, and you have engaged with that entity, the legacy of that engagement will stay with you for a long period of time – perhaps even forever – after the Connection has ended, leaving you more at peace, perhaps wiser, and certainly more awakened.

The Beauty in Nature – If you’ve ever been struck by a beautiful sunset or moonlit starry sky, you know the impact it has – at least for that moment. You stop, you get silent, and you stare at the majesty. When you are struck this way, you have cleared your mind of all other distractions, your body naturally relaxes and your soul is open to feeling the energy emitting from that beauty. This energy can also be absorbed, increasing your clarity and making you feel more grounded physically, emotionally, and spiritually – for a minute or a lifetime.  A Connection has the same effect for the same reason.

Exposure to Spiritual and Religious Teachings Have you ever read a book, attended a lecture, or listened to a sermon that totally awed you? At the very least, have you ever been exposed to something that made you think and reevaluate your current perspective? Or, taken one step further, have you ever read or heard something that completely changed your understanding and altered your viewpoint or unleashed a new passion?

In Christianity, this is called “seeing the light” or being saved; in Buddhism, it’s called becoming enlightened; in STE communities, it’s called having a spiritually transformative experience.

It is Clif Taylor’s objective, through his Connections books and messaging, to provide you with exposure to the notion of Connections in order to prompt you to pursue and make the Connection that will be transformative in your life, as it has been for so many others.

Encouragement and Support from those who care – Since the inception of civilization, true revolutionaries – those who actually changed the course of human thought, belief systems, practices, and lifestyles –   have been driven by their authentic compassion, wisdom, and commitment to lead people to a better or more meaningful quality of life – economically, socially, politically, and/or spiritually.

But revolutionaries come in all forms and affect many different types – and quantities – of people. Parents, teachers, authors, mentors, coaches, and leaders are also revolutionaries. And, when propelled by their convictions that are rooted in authentic wisdom and ethics, they also positively impact change – one individual at a time.

These types of revolutionaries don’t force or manipulate others to adopt their points of view for their own personal gain. They share it generously and offer support and guidance to the curious, the desirous, the motivated, and the needy. And they do so for one purpose – the betterment of the individual.

They recognize when someone is on the right track and accept that the roadblocks along the way are a necessary part of the process. They remain available to help those people stay on the path they know is best for them yet allow them to stray from time to time.

Eventually, when a person becomes secure in knowing they have someone to lean on this way, the person is empowered to make their own choices based upon what they have been exposed to – in their own time and manner. This degree of empowerment – especially the discovery of this self-empowerment – is absolutely transformative, usually for life.

For these reasons, encouragement and support are considered STE triggers. Not coincidentally, this is the exact approach Clif Taylor, Connections author, and messenger, has been taking for over 20 years in his Connections outreach.

Making a Connection

In effect, A Connection is a spiritually transformative experience; an STE is a process for and result of making a Connection.  They are very close to being one and the same.  The only difference is that STEs are generally triggered by an event or an external influence.

A Connection is yours to make and direct at your choosing, based upon your intent. It begins with curiosity or desire to enhance your life experience and it is launched when you clear your mind, calm your body, and open your soul.