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How to intuitively see, hear, feel and know Heaven’s answers

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Connect” is a noun, a verb, and an adjective that describes the energy of love that heaven and earth provide in order to create their union. That means that Connect – the book and the message – will likely require a paradigm shift. In fact, Clif asks you to do what he needed to do in order to fully embrace Connect and “translate” the messages he’d been given so he could create this book – check your ego at the door.

Essentially, most of this book is not about or by Clif Taylor. He’s the narrator but the actual “sources” of this content are some “big name souls” who have long since passed through their lives on earth. Upon discovering this ability, Clif assumed the role of “translator ” and began writing down the messages, wisdom, and answers he was given by these souls and created this book. The messages conveyed throughout Connect are inarguable, but their means and mode of communication may be a bit. . . unsettling.

If you’re intrigued then you’ll be among the many who have been drawn to exploring and embracing this concept. Read as a stand-alone or companion to Connections, Connect will make you think very early on . . . and if you allow yourself to think clearly enough, you’ll find the reading experience amazingly worthwhile.

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  1. Kirkus Media


    An account of religious revelation.

    One night in 1997, in a hotel room in Oklahoma, Clif Taylor decided that he wanted to talk to Christ. So he sat down, cleared his mind and asked a simple question: “Jesus?” And, Taylor writes, he heard an answer: “Yes, Clif?” What followed over the next few years was a stunning string of conversations between Christ and a humble man willing to listen. Here, Taylor transcribes those Q-and-A sessions. He asks the questions many might put to Jesus: How did you make a living? What was John the Baptist like? Did Judas really betray you? Other questions are unexpected: Is the free market a good economic system? Was the Oklahoma City bomber Timothy McVeigh guilty? But more unexpected is that Jesus answers them all, most in surprising detail. However, the book’s message is more than these answers; Taylor believes that each and every one of us can experience the same intimate connection with God, and that we can all feel heaven inside. Everyone can speak with Jesus—and with Mary, Mohammed or Buddha, for that matter. Taylor’s revelation is ecumenical, although reader results will vary. If you believe that talking with God is possible—and polls suggest that majorities of Americans do—then Taylor’s book will offer a helpful road map. If not, it may be fruitless. But either way, know this: Taylor delivers his fireside chats humbly. He doesn’t believe that he’s special, and he hopes only to give his experience to others. Further, he does so in clean, crisp, unpretentious prose that is a testament to the simple carpenter’s son with whom he speaks.

    An unbelievable spiritual project, modestly presented.

  2. Kirkus Reviews

    “Taylor delivers his fireside chat humbly. . . further, he does so in clean, crisp, unpretentious prose that is a testament to the simple carpenter’s son with whom he speaks.”

  3. Roy E. Klienwachter, Author, Your Life Was Never Meant to be a Struggle

    “Clif Taylor’s book, Connect, opens a more humanistic, personal connection with the spirit named Jesus. A powerful insight for those who are having difficulties making the connection!”

    Author, Your Life Was Never Meant to be a Struggle

  4. John Lehman, Founder and Original Publisher of Rosebud Book Review.

    . . . “If children learn life from heaven’s viewpoint, instead of learning heaven from life’s viewpoint, they will walk in love’s path gloriously.

    I think that sentence, and this book, is a must for all of us.”

  5. Janet Pool, Houston Texas

    Connect is amazing. I finished it. And I just finished Chapter 1 for the second time around. Somehow I’d missed a very profound line from the Master in this chapter. It was “don’t be afraid to be scared”. I’m inclined to believe that I’ll find more that I missed the first time.
    I thirst for this experience. Thanks so much!”

  6. Bradford Hillman; Detroit, MI

    “Connect delivers on its intent to make sure everyone’s basic needs can be met so no one has to beg, plea, suffer or lessen themselves just to survive. The first step is discovering what you don’t know, the next step is to access the information Heaven provides . . . simply by asking questions and listening for the answers.”

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